Vitamin D & Immunity in the times of COVID-19 (30th May 2021)

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Thank you. I was wanting it re-iterated by stalwarts like you. Strangely NIN and NFI expressed their concerns of toxicity due to fortification of 2 or more staples which would be consumed by population groups. If it was made mandatory

1.Free 25 OH D in clinical practice
2.Hypocalcemia in COVID19
3.-Dectin1-vitaminD and fungal infections

Can fortification of milk and oil and any other food product lead to toxicity? Even though fortification is done at 25-30% RDA ? This is a common fear even amongst the scientific community

Hearty Congratulations to TEAM dIAP for organizing this most important webinar – The need of the hour with legendary star Speakers in the respective field.
My Q; How to identify Vit D Toxicity????
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