World Autism Day (2nd April 2021)


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Dear paed neurodevelopmental forum.. kindly send the EARLY AUTISM DETECTION POSTER in IAP groups .. or kindly email to us all.. thank you .

Today there was some problem with images
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Only with difficulty google drive links opened
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Thanks and Warm Regards

Dear Dr.Samir, don’t you think the whole humankind has become autistic ? We all have fallen prey to machines and objects

There is a hesitancy among pediatricians to explain the doubt of Autism to parents. May I request the panelists to tell how to explain the atypical behaviours and then tell the suspicion of Autism. Dr. Sameer did mention that using the right terms for explanation is important

Inspite of repetitive counselling some educated parents refuse to take opinion from Developmental Pediatrician or not even screening for ASD.What to do?
Stopping Media usage does help a lot.

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