Write Antibiotics Responsibly (W.A.R) National TOT & National Webinar (7th, 8th, & 9th August 2020)

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Linezolid, levoflox, moxiflox, for MDR TB
Azithro for resistant salmonella
Aminoglycoside for MDR TB,
Febrile neutropenia,
Other quinolonesvbecomevoff the shelf
So only amoxicillin,1st & 2nd Gen oral cephalosporin,
3rd Gen oral cephalosporin for culture positive UTIs or salmonella.
Oral clinda for staph(CA MRSA) in opd.
So choice narrowed significantly.
What say respected elitists?

CA MRSA can be treated with cotrimoxazole for opd basis.
For unstable ,empyema, septicemic patient linezolid +clinda or linezolid alone.
As linezolid also has anti endotoxin effect.?
In these cases can we choose linezolid over vancomycin?

For enterococcus decals grown on blood culture ,what is prudent
Vanco+Amikacin or Linezolid alone?

We get culture sensitivity with MICs less than 0.5 for quinoline particularly cipro and oflox and resistant to carbapenams.
How teneble is this?
What is process for of the shelf use of some drugs?
Use of rifampicin with vancomycin in neonate for ventriculitis with staph ?

ampC are covered by cefepime and cefpirome.
So can we use it to spare carbapenams.
However I do understand that these SPICE group are not producing ampC only but other betalactamases.
Prabhu Sir please opine.

Q-When to suspect durg allergy for oral antibiotics? And for injection antibiotics is it nesessory to do durg sensitivities test and how to do?

Q-module will be available as recordings on diap portal ? And when? And can slides of module can be shared with IAP members?

Q-Use of injection ceftriaxone and gentamycine on UTI or any bacterial blood infection with raised infection markers? Is it correct? How to go for?

Now a days chlorhexidine 2percent is available that can be used in place of sprit Betadine

Most of the time Azithromycine is being prescribed what is your opinion regarding this